Illusions    Price
Daniel Summers' "Compressed" Illusion:    $11,000.00 (plus case)
Daniel Summers' "Death Drop" Illusion:    $9,500.00 (plus case)
Daniel Summers' "Foul Play" Illusion:   $11,975.00 (plus case)
Daniel Summers' "The Cutting Edge" Illusion:    $20,000.00 (plus cases)
Options: Hand hole and No blades method are additional, call for details.    
Daniel Summers' "Instant Babe" Illusion:    $7,000.00 (plus cases)
Walter Blaneys' "Ladder Levitation" Illusion:    Contact to Enquire


One Case: 6'x 18" x 18"    
Packed in two Cases: 1 @ 32"x 32" x 12" and 1 @6' x 18" x 6".    
Death Drop    
One Case: 63"x 35" x 55"    
Packed in two 1@ 63" x 35" x 25" and 1 @ 48" x 29" x 31".    
The Cutting Edge    
Two Cases: 6' x 22" x 26" and 38" x 30" x 19''    
Ladder Levitation    
Professional Black Fiber Cases.    
Case to hold platform, hoop stand........$375.00    
Case to hold board, two ladders,drape........$375.00    
A.T.A. cases, set of two, .......$1350.00    
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