A one-man illusion using an unrehearsed lady from the audience as the subject of levitation. Can be done indoors or out, is self contained, no backdrop necessary. A very portable stage illusion, with apparatus set upon center of stage, well away from curtains or other props. Perfect for any sized auditorium. Can also be done in corner of any banquet hall. Fools audience just ten feet away, in full light..at a trade show or exhibit, or even in the living room of a home.

Holds lady up to 120 lbs (54 kg) in weight. Visit the Official Website Here.

" I bought the WB levitation 3 years ago and it paid many times over. I had totally absorbed the price of it in the first 3 months I bought it. This never happened with any other illusion I bought before. The look, the feel and the brillant engineering of all the parts make it a joy to perform every single time. " - Laurent Beretta
Walter Blaneys Ladder Levitation Illusion
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