This dramatic and chilling illusion is perfect for a two-person team and may be performed surrounded!


A menacing rack of spikes fill the interior of a small box. The Illusionist raises the rack of spikes allowing them to hang over the box. Your assistant enters the tiny enclosure. The front and back doors are closed. She extends her hand out of a hole in the front panel to recieve a silk.

The magic moment comes when the Illusionist pulls the release, allowing the rack of spikes to drop, plunging into the box seemingly impaling her!



The magic continues as you reach for the silk, and her hand withdraws inside. Instantly, the spikes continue to fall through the box and visibly penetrate the thin table! The rack no sooner slams on the table than the front and back doors open automatically revealing that she has vanished!

The doors are closed and she makes her reappearance resting comfortably on top of the rack!

Daniel Summers Death Drop Illusion Daniel Summers Death Drop Illusion
Alberto Giorgi Version performance routine,all rights reseved
Building and Performance rights are strictly protected.
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